校友组织 & 奖


All HSU graduates automatically become members of the 校友会. 所有会友都会收到Range Rider及其他校友的邮件和通讯.

校友会的这个管理机构定期开会,并协助组织与校友有关的节目. This working board of 21 members (max) represents a wide variety of demographics. 他们每年见面4-5次. Each member is integral to the Board’s success.

校友会理事会, in partnership with the Office of 校友 Engagement, 旨在与校友沟通,并为校友提供途径,以继续和进一步与HSU和其他25所大学的关系,在世界各地有5000名校友.

Look for the 校友会 Board of Directors Application link in September 2024.

哈丁西蒙斯青年协会(BYA)是一群自愿帮助HSU实现其使命的校友. 会员年龄在四十岁以下,并致力在基督教的环境中为所有中大学生提供优质的教育.

The Board is involved in many areas including but not limited to; assisting in recruitment, 筹款, promoting academic excellence and student leadership, encouraging alumni support and participation, and providing assistance as requested for projects and activities.

会员资格提供给已毕业三年且年龄在40岁以下的申请人. Total number of members does not exceed 75. 理事会的成员资格是在大学和校董会批准的情况下,通过BYA成员委员会的邀请而授予的.

Check back for the 青年协会 Application link in February 2025. 

The 发展委员会 is made up of alumni, 费用, and friends who desire to support Hardin-Simmons大学. The Board members support the University through awarding student scholarships, 促进意识, 引起兴趣, and providing financial support for the University. 负责参与和发展的副总裁担任董事会的行政官员. The board meetings are held at 首页coming and in the Spring.

For more information email advancement@hsutx.Edu或致电325-670-1260. 


Each year, Hardin-Simmons honors our alumni and former students. 奖 are given for outstanding achievements in either their careers, 他们的社区, 或者他们对HSU的奉献. If you know of an alum who meets the criteria for one of our awards, please 按此提名 他们. 我们的奖项类别是:

The 校友服务奖 is the highest alumni honor HSU can bestow. 自1943年以来,它一直颁发给在他或她的领域为改善HSU做出最大贡献的前学生, or who has rendered the greatest service to the University. 奖项由一个委员会选出,该委员会的成员由校园领导角色设立.

2023约翰·J. Keeter,小. 校友服务奖

小Filemon Ortiz., ’66

Filemon Ortiz, 1966年毕业于澳门皇冠赌场平台,获得西班牙语和历史学士学位. He obtained his law degree from the Thurgood Marshall School of Law in 1974. 在德尔里奥, 德州, 他曾在私人诊所工作, served as city attorney and municipal judge, and was county attorney for Val Verde County. He currently practices law with the Ortiz & 奥尔蒂斯律师事务所.

He is a founding member and director of Del Rio’s Amistad Rookie Baseball League, the Asociación de Ayuda Comunitaria, and the Association of Christian Men of Del Rio, and consults as an attorney for the Mexican Consulate in Del Rio.

在HSU, Filemon是Los Rancheros西班牙语俱乐部的成员,并与当地的西班牙裔教会青年一起工作. He was an HSU trustee from 2014-2022 and he now serves on the 发展委员会.

Filemon has been married to Maria Elina for 54 years. They have three children and six grandchildren.

这个奖项, 自1970年以来, 是颁发给个人及专业成就足以代表大学理想及目标,并为中大带来荣誉的校友. 奖项由一个委员会选出,该委员会的成员由校园领导角色设立.


Dr. 科比·布恩,2000年

Corbett Boone attended Hardin-Simmons, graduating in 2000 with a BS in Biology and a minor in Chemistry and 领导. In 2005, he earned his Doctor of Medicine from the University of 德州 Medical School, 然后在泰勒的德克萨斯大学健康科学中心完成住院医师实习并获得奖学金. He has been a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician at Southwest Sports Medicine & 自2009年起在韦科从事骨科工作.

In high school, Corbett became an Eagle Scout. 在HSU, he lettered in football all four years, helped his team win three Conference championships and served as captain his senior year. 他是二年级学生会主席, 初四班, 学生群体, Tau Alpha Phi和Beta Beta Beta. In recent years, he has served on the HSU 校友会 Board of Directors.

Corbett and his wife, Stephanie, have three children.

Candy (Thweatt) Noble 1983年

Candy Noble graduated from HSU in 1983 with a BBS in Education. 在做了多年的家庭主妇之后,她在2018年竞选并赢得了德克萨斯州众议院89区的选举. 现在是她的第三个任期, 诺布尔是保守派事业的有力代言人,并在重要的众议院筹款委员会和公共服务委员会任职.

作为一名HSU学生, Candy was active in Student Congress and Tri Phi Social Club, served as President of the Cowboy Activities Committee, 还入选了名人录. 毕业后, 她曾任职于HSU发展董事会和Young Associates董事会,目前是学校董事会成员.

Candy hails from a family with strong HSU ties: her father, 五个兄弟, 两个女儿, and a son-in-law graduated from the school.

Married to Robert for 40 years, Candy is mom to three daughters and nine grandchildren.

Dr. 加兰·"布伦特"·华莱士,98年

Brent Wallace graduated from Hardin-Simmons大学 in 1998 with a BBA in Marketing. 此后,他获得了阿比林基督教大学(Abilene Christian University)的人类交流文学硕士学位和冲突解决与调解研究生证书,以及德克萨斯理工大学(德州 Tech University)的高等教育管理哲学博士学位.

自2014年以来, Brent曾担任德克萨斯中北部学院区第11任校长和首任校长, after holding the role of Vice President of Instruction and Chief Academic Officer. 此前在高等教育领域的职位包括思科学院(Cisco College)的教学主任和商业管理系主任.

布伦特目前是德克萨斯州社区学院协会的秘书/财务主管,并担任社区和技术学院联合公式资金咨询委员会主席. 在他的社区里, 他在多个地方委员会任职, is a Deacon and pianist at his church, and speaks at state and national higher education conferences.

杰出青年校友奖的获奖人必须在他们所选择的领域内取得显著的成就,或为世界带来非凡的利益. They reflect the quality and caliber of today’s HSU students and alumni. 在他们被选中的时候, 获奖者毕业于澳门皇冠赌场平台不超过20年,年龄不超过45岁.

2024 杰出青年校友 Award

夫人. 12岁的Sarah (Wesley) Cameron

Sarah Cameron graduated from HSU in 2012 with a BBS in social work. 毕业后, she returned home to Arizona and began working at Hands of Hope, 这是一个基督教怀孕中心,她在那里帮助妇女倡导她们的健康和康复.

2014年,莎拉和她的丈夫亚历克感受到上帝的召唤,成为有执照的寄养父母. 经过多次寄养后, the Lord led a sibling group to Sarah and Alec and they are now a forever family.

萨拉在基督教家庭护理机构担任寄养培训师,在那里她利用自己作为寄养父母的实际经验进行教学, equip and support the next generation of foster families. 她还在Sage Creek Ranch Events担任活动经理,在那里她创造体验,让她的客户感到被关注和被倾听, making their event as special as it can be.

Sarah and Alec have three daughters and one son. The family attends Second Mile Church.

Dr. 乔丹·丹尼尔07

Jordan Daniel于2007年获得运动、健身和休闲研究的BBS学位.E. in sport and recreation management in 2008, both from HSU. 2013年,他获得博士学位.D. in recreation, parks, and tourism science from 德州 A&米大学.

乔丹是安吉洛州立大学运动机能系的副教授. Initially hired in 2013 as an instructor of kinesiology, he has progressed through the professorial ranks. 他曾在多个会议上发表,并在体育和娱乐领域发表或共同发表了许多文章.

在HSU, Jordan played football for the Cowboys, serving as team captain in 2007. 他是领导力项目的大使,并在安德森大厅担任住宿助理.


Dr. Ben Lovvorn ' 04

Ben Lovvorn是达拉斯第一浸信会的执行牧师,在那里他领导和监督与教会事工有关的所有事项, 政府, 和操作. Lovvorn also leads FBC Dallas’ worldwide broadcast ministry, 胜利之路, 哪个节目在1点播出,000个广播电台和11,他是第一达拉斯媒体公司的总裁,该公司拥有并经营着全国最受欢迎的基督教广播电台之一.

Ben graduated from HSU in 2004 with a BBA in business management. He earned a juris doctorate from Baylor University Law School in 2007 and completed a Ph.D. in Christian leadership in ministry from Liberty University in December 2023.

在HSU, Ben获得了杰出管理学生奖和John Wood商业道德奖. He played football for the Cowboys, 赢得两次ASC冠军, and was named to the NCAA ASC All-Academic Team.

Ben and his wife Parris have four sons and one daughter.